Norstrat is a cutting-edge consulting company. It offers leadership development programmes, statistics on oil and gas exploration, and marketing and communication services. One of Canada’s biggest companies of its sort, it. Read this article to learn more about the business. Over 200 people work with Norstrat across many sites. They have in-depth industry experience and can help you with any business issue.

Norstrat is a strategic consulting firm

Norstrat is a strategic consulting company that offers resources to aid in corporate expansion. They provide a range of consulting services, such as assistance with marketing, social media, and business expansion. Despite having a Canadian basis, they provide their services all throughout the United States. The business offers a variety of services, including marketing strategies, social media monitoring, and staff training.

The Norstrat strategic consulting team works with businesses of all sizes. They can help their clients establish new marketing strategies from start or examine ones that already exist. The consulting group has the option to contract out some of the work. Norstrat can offer resources and training for every company requirement and has a great reputation with many clients, including government organizations.

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Both early-stage startups and Fortune 100 enterprises are served by Norstrat. The Walt Disney Company, Charles Schwab & Co., and the World Bank Group are a few of its most noteworthy customers. The firm is recognized for its innovative thinking and has won several awards from the American Marketing Association.

It offers marketing and communication services

In order to assist enterprises in reaching a larger audience, Norstrat provides marketing and communication services. The business serves a sizable clientele in both Canada and the United States. From developing a corporate logo to administering sponsored Google advertisements, they provide a wide range of services. Additionally, they may manage events, market analysis, and digital consultancy.

All sizes of businesses can benefit from Norstrat’s marketing and communication services. They may support you in developing new ideas and preparing your strategy. The staff at the firm has years of expertise creating and carrying out strategic business plans. Their goods may be utilised to draw in clients, keep them around, and increase revenue. They offer a wide range of services as well as in-depth subject matter expertise to support business owners in achieving their objectives.

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The Norstrat Company can aid businesses in enhancing their managerial capabilities. They provide a variety of coaching programs and workshops for executives and company owners to advance their careers.

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It provides data on offshore gas and oil exploration

The patented technology used by Norstrat provides comprehensive and detailed data on offshore gas and oil exploration. This information helps oil companies secure their businesses from potential risks and vulnerabilities. The company has worked with several industries around the world. They also offer underwater search services and information on security threats.

NORSTRAT completes an Oceans Protection Plan project in collaboration with the Canadian Coast Guard. They also deliver a report supporting the procurement of a next-generation Vessel Traffic Management System for the Canadian Coast Guard. At the same time, they participate in various international conferences and workshops, including the Maritime and Arctic Security Workshop MAS2012 in St. John’s, NL.

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In addition to providing comprehensive data about offshore gas and oil exploration, Norstrat also provides business and technology solutions for companies and governments. They help their clients develop new software or improve existing programs. The company was founded in 2010 by a group of former Canadian Armed Forces officers with the goal of putting the Northern Strategy into practice.

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