Credit card payment solution plays a vital role in online businesses. Because, if you’re extending your business internationally. So, you will like the most suitable payment modes to evade late transactions. These global transactions are also called cross-border payments.
Global payments are performed when buyers pay companies in another country. There are a few kinds of cross-border transactions.

These comprise making payments by using a credit or debit card. So, you have to pay credit card expenses which are generally more than bank transfer prices.

Some credit card payment service providers can also assist you to accept global payments through your credit cards. These credit card payment solution providers in Europe (Albania, Malta, Cyprus, Netherlands, Italy, etc.) handle end-to-end payment procedures.
They also allow you to take many other kinds of online payments. This assists you in growing your business in other nations.

What do online credit card payments mean?

Credit card online payment implies that after the buyer chooses the product or service on the website. Then he provides the appropriate details through the credit card payment gateway delivered by the third-party payment corporation, such as card number, expiration date, CVV code, payment amount, and payment of the product to the third-party payment business.

Online payment is a mode of payment through the payment interface delivered by a third party with the bank. The benefit of this method is that the funds can be directly transmitted from the user’s bank card to the website account, and the settlement will happen instantly. Require manual confirmation.

The huge difference with bank transfers (comprising online personal bank transfers or cash transfers at the bank counter) is that the payment can be automatically verified.

How to take credit card payments online?

If you like to take online credit card payments. Then you will require to establish at least an online Payment channel, a payment gateway, and a payment processor. To know what these are and how they collaborate, let’s take a step-by-step glance at an online payment.

An e-commerce payment initiates when the customer presses the Buy button and provides a card number into the payment gateway.

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The payment gateway software protects the customer’s card details and the assessed amount and then sends the details to your payment processor. And which is generally your merchant account with a merchant acquiring bank. However, businesses without a merchant account can use one of many third-party payment processing aggregators, comprising PayPal and Square, which are both payment gateways and payment processors.

The payment processor transmits an approval request to the buyer’s card-issuing bank to confirm the charge (or refuse it for inadequate funds or signs of fraud).
The customer’s bank transmits the accepted transactions to the processor, which deposits the funds in your account.

While there are many benefits of owning a credit card merchant account. Moreover, the easiest way to begin receiving credit card payments on a new website is to acquire a suitable payment gateway.

Who are the members of Credit Card Payment Processing?

The credit card payment processing system comprises payment providers and payment processors, merchant service providers, and merchant acquirers. The payment processor is basically a business that makes the connection between customers and merchants.

Payment processors handle payment transactions to ensure that the merchants accept the payment online. Furthermore, they manage the procedure of approval, settlements, and online payments.

Such payment processing businesses confirm that the funds are transmitted from the consumer’s account to the merchant’s account. The merchants need to pay the amount to credit card payment providers for their credit card processing services.
Credit card payment processing includes the following members.

  • Business/merchant
  • Consumer
  • Payment service provider
  • Payment gateway
  • Consumer’s credit card network
  • Business’s bank

What Kind of Payment Methods Are Received by Credit Card Payment Solution Providers?

Several payment gateway providers use various methods for processing online credit card transactions. Yet, most credit card payment providers extensively receive a Visa or Mastercard.

Debit cards are also preferred for cross-border transactions. Therefore, most payment providers process payments through debit or credit cards.

Yet, various cards have unique transaction prices, so you should ask your payment processing company for a transparent pricing structure.

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Is This a Secure Payment Method?

Security is a matter for cross-border payments because different illegal measures around such payment methods are dominant. This is why you should ensure that the payment processor has a legal base.

You should only function with legally permitted payment providers to integrate an international payment system that delivers you end-to-end protection. This way, banks also recognize that the base of your payments is secure and permitted.

How much time do International Payments take to process?

Cross-border online credit card payments bear about two to five business days. This time structure heavily relies on where you have to transmit the funds and the number of banks included.

If your payment has to get settled via more financial organizations, it will take more time for the payment to clear.

Cross-border payments take much time to clear and resembled domestic transactions. This is due to the compliance processing and the collaboration of different financial organizations.

Yet, many credit card payment solution providers such as WebPays enable eCommerce businesses to grow their markets internationally.

They have made a financial system of global cross-border acquirers and the biggest credit card institutions to enable merchants to accept online credit card payments faster.

Why Use WebPays to Receive Online Credit Card Payments?

Before boosting your online business, you should confer with cross-border credit card payment solution providers for safe and secure payments.

With the growth of your online business, the requirement for an international payment service also rises. This is where WebPays confirms valuable as it delivers numerous kinds of payment methods.

By selecting this international payment company, you can access credit card processing and multiple alternative payment methods.

When you have to take international payments from buyers. Then they are subjected to different banking methods or currencies. In this case, WebPays helps in processing the money as it has various solutions for such cases.
If your online business has to grow internationally, you will require more than one payment method. For example, many buyers do not use Mastercard or Visa.

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If your business is incapable to process transactions through alternate methods. Then you will lose a probable customer. But if you use WebPays, it will serve as a mediator between you and the buyer. Moreover, enabling them to transmit safe and protected funds to your account.

It is also important for you to select a global payment service company that conducts different payments and currencies to increase your chance of growing your market. Also, the use of local currency for credit card payments boosts the chance of acquiring a better allowance rate.

How WebPays Increases eCommerce business Cross-Border?

WebPays streamlines the procedure of online eCommerce payment processing.
However, when you select a payment gateway, you should assure that they support alternative payment methods, card processing, and different other methods to help you at every level of business growth.

WebPays aspires to deliver all kinds of small and large-scale businesses personalized solutions to support cross-border process transactions. It also provides maximum clarity.

With global business growth comes the task of maintaining global transactions. The merchants do not have to transmit invoices anymore manually.
Transmitting manual invoices comes with a scrap of time and funds. In this matter, WebPays confirms to be an incredible high-risk merchant account service as it handles all your fund transfers.

All you have to accomplish is contact WebPays by filling out a contact form on our website. You can also make us a call to get in contact with them. This international payment service will assist you in improving your business revenue by 30%, enabling you to boost your online business in different nations.


Since your international buyers have to deliver the credit card payment solution providers in Europe (Albania, Malta, Cyprus, Netherlands, Italy, etc.) with their credit card details, it is important to assure that the service is secure to use.

WebPays delivers trustworthy and secure payment methods to merchants and buyers. These secure payment methods never let you face privacy infringements and data breaches. Let’s sign up for WebPays and let your business reach new heights